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Now in UK!

  • Professional eye test
  • Product consultation and service
  • 1-year insurance
  • Adaptation guarantee

The highest-quality eyeglasses at the most affordable price! Quality lenses for a better view - book an appointment with your local specsfactory optician today!

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Your benefits
  • Precision lenses of high quality material at an affordable price
  • More than 1000 partner opticians across Europe: Germany, Austria, Spain, Italy and now also UK
  • Individual consultancy service and professional eye examination - all included
  • Hard coating, anti-reflection and clean coating, lotus effect, iBlue and Super H2
  • 1-year insurance against damages to the frame and lenses and against visual changes of min. 0.5 diopters
  • Adaptation guarantee of varifocal lenses with the right to change within 3 months from the date of purchase

All offers includes a £75 frame of your choice - over 100 models available!


How can we offer glasses at such low prices?...

The traditional route to market drives the cost of glasses up:








Cutting out the middlemen means we can save you money:




At specsfactory.co.uk you can save up to 70% when compared with other suppliers without having to compromise on quality as we have our own production facility meaning that we can cut out the middlemen saving you money in the process by avoiding license fees & expensive brands.

About specsfactory.co.uk

Find your deal online and benefit from a consultation with one of our highly-skilled partner opticians.

With over 1 mill. customers, our products speak for themselves. Get our premium-quality varifocal lenses at an incredible price by completing the form - we're certain that you will find the best lenses at specsfactory.co.uk. A few clicks will take you to your local specsfactory optician. After your registration, our partner opticians are ready to welcome you with the highest level of service, guiding you to choose the right lenses and the perfect frames from our collection.

Quality at a fair price

Our varifocal lenses are created with cutting-edge technology and offered to you at an unbeatable price.

Why choose specsfactory.co.uk?

If you would like to buy glasses at specsfactory.co.uk , you will benefit from advantages amongst many more:

  • We are an expanding network of expert opticians already all over Europe.
  • Our fast and reliable search tool will locate the right optician for you.
  • All-inclusive glasses packages at unbeatable prices.
  • All our glasses include scratch-resistant coating with optional anti-reflective and clean coating and iBlue.
  • 1-year insurance for frames and lenses is always included in the price.
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee is also included - your glasses can be exchanged twice within six months from the order date.
Guaranteed Quality
  • Innovation and Research
Based on in-depth research and comprehensive knowledge, our STEINER-Vision lenses are engineered and produced to high quality standards - giving you the best high-end lenses at the best price.
  • German technology
Specsfactory.co.uk offers own lens design, patented and produced with German machinery: advanced German lens technology at a unique price.