How can we offer glasses at such low prices?

The traditional route to market drives the cost of glasses up:

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Cutting out the middlemen means we can save you money:

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At you can save up to 70% when compared with other suppliers without having to compromise on quality as we have our own production facility meaning that we can cut out the middlemen saving you money in the process by avoiding license fees & expensive brands.

Guaranteed Quality:

The lenses are manufactured to high quality standards as we continue to regularly test the latest advancements in varifocal technology for you.

Our Collection

Become a partner optician already has over 60 partner opticians in the UK. Why not join us today?

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Find your deal online and benefit from a consultation with one of our highly-skilled partner opticians.

Our satisfied customers speak for themselves. Register now and get our premium-quality varifocal lenses for an incredible price. We're certain you'll find the right deal for you at All you need to do is register with one, or more, of our partner opticians all over the UK.

After you've registered, one of our call centre team will phone to arrange an appointment with a partner optician in your area. At your appointment you'll find more than 60 frames to choose from and unrivalled, professional advice on-hand.

Quality at a fair price

Our premium varifocal lenses are created with cutting-edge technology and offered to you at an unbeatable price.

Why choose

If you would like to buy glasses at , you can also benefit from several advantages:

  • - We're part of an ever-growing network with over 60 partner opticians already onboard.
  • - Our fast and reliable search tool will locate the right optician for you.
  • - All-inclusive glasses packages at unbeatable prices.
  • - All our glasses include an anti-glare, anti-reflective, scratch-resistant coating.
  • - Glasses insurance is included in the price (ends automatically, 365 days after the order date).
  • - 100% satisfaction guarantee is also included (your glasses can be exchanged twice within six months from the order date).

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