Become a partner optician

Become a partner optician

Our innovative business model can guarantee you success

Become one of over 60 partner opticians and get your licence free of charge.

If you become one of over 60 partner opticians in the UK, you'll enjoy great growth. With a steady flow of new customers and an increase in profits, you'll be safeguarding your future. What's more, your free licence will stay free. Stand out from the competition with our unique variety of quality frames and premium lenses.

Would you like to become a partner optician at specsfactory? Then please fill out the contact form. We'll send you some more information via email.

An overview of your benefits:
  • 160 frames and a point of sale device supplied free of charge
  • specsfactory will pay for advertising in your local area to increase your customer base. On average, your store will get 30 new customers and at least £5000 in extra revenue.
  • No lab work is required as finished glasses are delivered directly to your store
  • You'll get 50% commision on all the products you sell.

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