Managing directors of specsfactory


Get to know the managing directors of Super Vista AG

Matthias Kamppeter, CEO

Matthias went to the Christian Ernestinum high school in Bayreuth where he achieved his high school certificate. Right after high school, he received educational training as an optician and was self-employed in 1997.

Matthias Kampetter comes from a family of opticians - both his father and brother are qualified opticians in Bayreuth. Thus a family practice was established. Over the years, Matthias gathered a great amount of knowledge in the optical industry, especially with regards to production and manufacturing of glasses. In combination with various contacts acquired through his experience, he managed to build up a succesful business plan which delivers a high quality product at an affordable price. Using this business model, 20 new practises were successfully added to the portfolio.

Together with Daniel Thung, Matthias founded the company Super Vista AG. The hybrid-concept was created in which independent opticians are provided with new customers to sell our products through various online and offline marketing channels. In 2013, the company relocated from Bayreuth to Wildau due to a strategic orientation and expansion plan. Subsequently,the number of partner opticians grew rapidly from 30 to over 60 in Germany.

As CEO, Matthias Kamppeter is responsible for the marketing, quality assurance and logistics as well as the entire administrative system. He develops ideas and strategies that strengthen the cooperation between the company and the partner opticians and introduces the successful hybrid concept to foreign markets.

Markus Fränkle LLM,Board Member, Vorstand

Markus studied law and has been working as a lawyer since 1997 in Berlin in one of the largest economic chambers in Germany. He has a Master's degree (LLM) from the Wilhelms-University in Münster. He then worked for the law firm Kärgle in 2013, de Maizère which at the time were also providing legal assistance to SuperVista AG. grew rapidly with over 600 partner opticians in Germany and expanded in Spain (, England (, and Austria (, which has increased the workload considerably. Markus is now employed by SuperVista AG to oversee and assist the company in its new ventures. Since October 2014, he has been a member of the Management Board in the areas of law and foreign business development. His responsibilities revolve around the company's evolution to rapid growth and the preparation of an IPO.

Volker Grahl,Member of the Board, Vorstand

After graduating from high school and spending some time in the German Army, Volker undertook an educational training program as an optician. Following this, he completed a degree in business management with the main focus on marketing and cost accounting. He worked at Wöhlk Contactlinsen GmbH, which is a manufacturer of individualised contact lenses. He worked there for two years before he was appointed Managing Director in 1997. He became the Head of Business Unit Contact Lenses for Europe and was holding this position until April 2000 when he founded MPG & E Handel & Service GmbH, a sales company trading contact lenses and eyecare products with opticians and optometrists.

Until June 2015, Volker had been on the board of the contact lens department of the Spectaris industrial association. Since May 2015, Volker has also strengthened the board of He is primarily responsible for the business development with the partner opticians and for the expansion of Volker brings with him the experience of building a company in a difficult market environment and the worldwide network which is needed to expand the growth horizon of europe wide.

Daniel Thung, Chairman

Daniel Thung has developed a great interest for exchanges and capital markets. He worked as a TV news moderator at the Dusseldorf stock exchange and reported for CNN-D and nrw-tv reporting daily events on the stock market for six years. Participating in start-up companies as well as Daniel's consultation abilities led a large network of investors and entrepreneurs fund these companies.

Along with Matthias Kamppeter was implemented. Daniel Thung is involved in several other young companies and advises them with his experience and know-how. His network of investors and their knowledge in the preparation of IPOs (initial public offerings) create the conditions of the company for long-term growth and its financing. On the Supervisory Board deputy chairman Simon Breakwell (TCV), John Doran (TCV), Risheng XIa (producer) and Carsten Gersdorf (IT developer and founder of BestFewo) support the development of the company.