Color schemes

Color schemes

Color schemes

What colour or colour scheme should I choose for the frame?

The colour of the frame contributes to your glasses’ overall style – after all, glasses are a means of personal expression. They can create a striking effect, be a subtle understatement or boast a flashy design – and yet, the right colour for your glasses’ frame or its colour mix can reflect your mood or blend in with situations. It’s not easy to find the right colour since colours can be as changeable as your frame of mind. But don’t worry, our opticians will gladly help you pick your perfect look.

Ginger hair or a bright red dress will contrast ideally with a dark green frame but black will go with anything.A blue, grey or even white understated frame will match a dark suit and underline your professionalism.No matter what you decide on, at specsfactory you will always have several possibilities to choose from.

 Below, our opticians have described the effect of various colours to help you make the right decision:


A blue frame has a relaxing, easing and harmonising effect. Many people associate friendliness and inner peace with blue. 

brown frame is often associated with comfortableness, adaptation and sensuality but also with a certain sense of seriousness and loneliness.

A golden frame is frequently associated with generosity and health.

grey frame evokes associations of neutrality, sobriety, thoughtfulness, objectivity, functionality and simplicity.

green frame often has a calming and balancing effect on other people. Green also makes a fresh, rejuvenating impression and promotes the emotional balance. 

violet frame enhances your mental equilibrium and has a balancing and regenerative effect on your subconscious.

rosé frame emphasises a person's refreshing radiance.

pink frame promotes calmness, while the colour as such also symbolises romantic feelings and love.

red frame symbolises vitality, dynamic, strong will, desire and passion, and it stimulates activity.

black frame has always been most popular choice and it is mostly associated with functionality, renewal, change and letting go.