Frame materials

Frame materials


Our partner opticians have various frame materials for you to choose from. Whether you choose plastic frames, durable metal frames or hypo-allergenic titanium frames there are lots of styles available.


Plastic frames are particularly light. They're modern, stylish and offer a range of different shapes, colours and looks - from classic and traditional to striking and fashionable.


Metal frames are very durable and also rust-proof, as they're made with high-grade stainless steel. They can also be subtle and elegant - making them a popular choice for a large number of customers.


Titanium frames are among the very lightest metal frames, yet they're also extremely durable. They're not only comfortable, but also perfect if you have an allergy to nickel. Titanium is very light and robust and therefore ideal for slim, elegant, timeless frames.


Various materials have been developed even further thanks to the use of state-of-the-art flex-technology that's used in the aerospace industry. Whether it’s plastic flex, metal flex or memory flex (made of a titanium alloy) these materials make your frames considerably more flexible. Durable, extremely resilient and flexible, these frames will see you through everyday life.


The frame material you go for is ultimately based on your lifestyle and personal taste and we can advise you and help you with this. We can also offer advice when it comes to choosing a style and a look. Once you've chosen a frame, our specsfactory partner opticians will offer you our low specsfactory price package that starts at just specsfactory prices from  £ 75 (varifocals from  £259) . No matter which material you choose or which style you pick, specsfactory always has low prices for you.


The colour of the frame contributes to your overall style and glasses are a means of personal expression. They can create a striking effect, be a subtle understatement or make a bold statement. It’s not always easy to find the right colour, but our opticians will gladly help you pick your perfect look.


Ginger hair or a bright red dress will contrast perfectly with a dark green frame, wheras black will go with anything. A blue, grey or even white understated frame will match a dark suit and underline your professionalism. And at specsfactory you'll always have lots of colours to choose from.