Frame materials

Frame materials

Metal, titanium or plastic frames for your new glasses?

Our opticians have numerous options for you when it comes to selecting the frame material. The selection is large no matter whether you choose plastic frames, durable metal frames or hypo-allergenic titanium frames.

Plastic frames are particularly light. They are modern, stylish and offer a countless range of different looks from plain, striking, fashionable to crazy shapes and colours.


Metal frames are very durable and also rustproof since they are made with high-grade stainless steel. These features have always made metal framed glasses very popular. Elegant in appearance they are an excellent choice for a large number of customers. You’ll find numerous elegant and suitable metal frames at specsfactory.


Titanium frames are among the very light metal frames. They too are extremely durable and rustproof. These light-weight frames are not only comfortable, but also perfect for people with allergies to nickel.  Titanium is very light and robust and therefore ideal for use in slim, elegant glasses frames. Beautifully timeless.


Various materials have been developed even further thanks to the use of state-of-the-art flex-technology known from the aerospace industry. No matter whether it’s plastic flexmetal flex or memory flex (made of a titanium alloy), these state-of-the-art materials make your frames considerably more flexible without forfeiting the original material’s characteristic properties. Durable, extremely resilient and flexible, these glasses frames defy most everyday stress situations.


Along with rational considerations concerning the choice of the frame material, of course it’s your personal taste that is ultimately decisive. So decide for yourself which of our frames meets your needs and suites your personal taste.  At specsfactory you can inform yourself about all details concerning eyewear and attain a small overview of all the different types of glasses we offer. Once you are informed you can select your preferred features and order at our specsfactory partner optician at our low specsfactory prices from  £ 75 (varifocals from  £219) No matter what material you choose or what style you pick, specsfactory always has low prices for you.