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Eye test

Your eye test at our specsfactory partner optician 

You’ll enjoy excellent service at all of our  partner opticians practices. Check out our range of glasses at the optician and have your eyes tested if you require a new prescription. Our optometrists and dispensing opticians in Liverpool as well as in London, offer their expertise to help you find your glasses, regardless of whether they are varifocals, reading, single vision, bifocals or even sunglasses. 

Our opticians use state-of-the-art eye testing technology to precisely determine the correct parameters for your eyewear. Right after this, our friendly staff will help you choose and order your glasses. Enjoy our large variety of excellent value and top quality glasses! Come and see us, e.g. at our optician store. It’s worth it!

An eye test is an important examination designed to detect defects of vision. Visual disorders are thus corrected with the help of glasses at an early age. The eye examination is important both as a preventive measure as well as on occasions such as when you are planning to do your driver’s license.

During an eye test, the optometrist examines the power of your vision on both eyes. In this, visual acuity is the value to be tested. Since visual acuity changes with age, it is recommendable to have one’s eyes examined regularly. In this way you can always be sure that the current lens power of your glasses is still sufficient for your eyes.

Eye tests divide visual acuity into two categories: Near vision, i.e. vision up to half a meter, and distant vision, which is everything further than half a meter. It is extremely important that the eyes are always examined independently of each other. If you remember your last eye test, you will recall that you had to read letters on an eye chart which was 30 to 40 cm away from you. One eye is always covered, while you read the letters with the other using various lenses. Along with letters, you will also be looking at numbers, circles with different openings or symbols. To measure you distant vision acuity, the eye charts must be at a distance of approx. 5 meters.

If you have significant problems reading the eye chart, your doctor will prescribe glasses. You’ll find an amazing range of top quality fashionable glasses at super-low prices in one of our specsfactory partner opticians stores in UK. Why not take part in our varifocal studies program and benefit from numerous advantages?