Glasses insurance

12 months insurance package

Glasses insurance


We would like to provide you with an unforgettable service. Have you accidentally sat or stepped on your glasses to the extent that they are no longer usable? Bearing this in mind, every pair of glasses at specsfactory is insured for a period of one year against damage and changes in prescription. Most of us will have experienced that our eyesight may naturally change some time after having bought our previous glasses, which means that we need a new pair of glasses. We want you to be satisfied and save you from investing a fortune for new specs too soon. That’s why this is covered by our insurance policy.

"If you purchase your glasses in one of our partner opticians stores, they will automatically be insured for a period of twelve months from the date of purchase. Our insurance policy covers"

  • Damage to your glasses (e.g. broken sides)
  • Damage to the lenses (e.g. scratched or broken)
  • Changes in your prescription of at least 0.5 dioptre


In the event of damage, our insurance will cover 75% of the costs, leaving you with only 25% of the entire repair cost. The twelve-month insurance expires once you're given the replacement glasses within the framework of this insurance plan. Please also note our insurance terms stated in our Terms and Conditions. Only the contractual conditions specified there apply. In the event of a claim, your glasses will be replaced - however, we cannot refund the purchase price.


If your glasses have been damaged or your prescription has changed by at least 0.5 dioptre and if the specsfactory insurance policy applies, please follow the instructions below:

  • Please visit your local optician and have your glasses or your prescription checked
  • You can fill out a claim form at your local optician
  • If you would like to make a claim, then please visit your local partner optician.


The specsfactory insurance policy means your glasses are safer than ever before.