Specsfactory package

Premium personalised lenses, insurance, frame and coatings included

If you want high-quality glasses at a low price, specsfactory is the perfect choice for you. We use the same technology as the market's most famous manufacturers, but reduce the price by more than 70% through our revolutionary business model. Working together with independent opticians in the UK - and not charging them the normal fees for supplying clients with our product - we're able to bring the price down considerably. This means that our British customers can enjoy the best eyesight possible at a much more affordable price.

We also want to save our customers from worrying about damage and insurance. That’s why all of our glasses are automatically covered by the specsfactory 1-year insurance package, a 100% satisfaction guarantee, and include 3 different lens coatings. The insurance policy covers damage to your glasses (e.g. broken frames), to the lenses (e.g. scratches), or changes in your prescription of at least 0.5 dioptres, saving you the cost of a new pair.

Why did our opticians decide on the full range of specsfactory glasses?

At specsfactory we made a conscious decision to use hardened synthetic lenses instead of mineral glass, since plastic lenses are considerably lighter, preventing your glasses from turning into a heavyweight on your nose. The advantages for you include greater comfort and less pressure marks from heavy glasses. Being 'break-proof' is another significant advantage that plastic lenses have over mineral glass. This not only makes your glasses more robust, but is also important for personal safety.

Each of our lenses is treated with an anti-reflective coating, clean coat and an extra-hardening coating. You can also order your individual grey or brown tinted sunglasses with the relevant UV protection with these features. The specsfactory package is an all-round lens enhancement package that provides you with the most comfortable and safe glasses at an unbeatable price.

Included in our specsfactory.co.uk package

Anti-reflective coating included

Included in our specsfactory.co.uk packageLenses with anti-reflective coating are hardly noticeable and this makes the whole experience of wearing glasses less intrusive, especially when you're having conversations with people.

The anti-reflective coating eliminates virtually all reflections of light from the eyeglass surface. This reduced degree of reflection is also important for your safety and that of others, since irritating reflections may pose a risk when driving. Anti-reflective lenses also improve your vision at work. We all know the reflections of the screen, the desk light or sources of indirect lighting nearby can be distracting. No matter whether it's long hours in front of the computer, complicated handcrafting or other work requiring fine motor skills, anti-reflective coatings ease the strain on your eyes and can therefore improve your concentration and performance. Our opticians will therefore treat all lenses with an anti-reflective coating.

Anti-scratch and clean coat included

Included in our specsfactory.co.uk packageSince plastic is lighter, but also softer than glass, our opticians provide the lenses with a special hard coating that makes them more resistant to scratches and streaks.

Our opticians want to make your eyewear as durable and enjoyable for you as possible. For this reason they apply a hydrophobic (water-repellent) coating to anti-reflective glasses that repels grease and resists stains.The result is that cleaning your specs becomes considerably quicker and easier.

Tinted glasses with UV protection included on request

At specsfactory you can have sunglasses made using your favourite frames. Tinted lenses intensify the different contrasts around you, making viewing more interesting and more pleasant. A special coating which is tinted either grey or brown makes this possible. These tints absorb 85% of the light; and in order to protect your eyes from health risks caused by UV rays, we've provided all of our tinted lenses with UV 400 protection..

If you want to know how your sunglasses will look, just go to our online try-on tool and create your own, fashionable look.