Our glasses are a combination of the latest technology and unique designer frames. The result is
High-technology dressed as a fashion accessory.

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Gino Vega  Brillengestelle
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Archipelago Kollektion

The Gino Vega collection are designed according to the lastest trends. You can select a pair of glasses for every day of the week from the wide variety of choices.
The newest technology glasses in a form of a fashion accessory.

Archipelago A996


Archipelago A989


Archipelago A979


Archipelago A963


Archipelago A969


Archipelago A970


Women's glasses

Important information

Collections 3U, John Brandon, Gino Vega and Archipelago offer colors ranging from green to violet, dark green, blue, gray or black.
There are several frames to choose from: Acetate, flexible titanium or light metal.All materials are corrosion resistant. Our models have a classic-elegant design and are therefore appropriate for every occasion.
Attention to detail and excellent quality of our glasses- manufactured according to the latest technology standards, is the trademark of our glasses.
Delivery Information
Delivery takes place between 10-18 working days from the day an order is made at our partner opticians.
Payment Information
You can pay in full or a part payment directly at the partner optician. You will then receive a confirmation for the amount that your card has been charged for. If needed, we can also send you the invoice directly per email.
Return Policy, Exchange & Complaint
Do you have difficulties with getting used to the glasses or are you dissatisfied with our product? No problem! Simply contact our Customer Service Representative or our partner optician. The 100% satisfaction guarantee gives you the right to exchange our glasses twice within six months from the order date. When exchanging the product we will refund the price difference.
The right of cancellation remains unaffected. For more information see Return, Warranty and Complaint.
Customer service
Customer satisfaction is of a great importance to our customer service. You can contact us directly on 0152 538 5236 or send an e-mail to service@specsfactory.co.uk
Our service staff will contact you as soon as possible.