Our varifocals studies programme 2018

Varifocal Studies Programme 2018

Revolutionary Varifocal Lens Technology

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instead of up to £7002

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Try our ultra-premium varifocal lenses, manufactured using the latest technology

Since 2016, we have been able to develop numerous innovative high-end varifocal lenses for our customers.

Participants in our varifocals study have benefited from a price reduction of more than 70%.

In 2018, we'll continue to produce varifocal lenses using the latest technological advancements. Our renowned optical laboratories will manufacture high-end varifocal glasses exclusively for up to 1000*** customers per month.

If you'd like to participate in our varifocals trial, why not secure your place today? You can then enjoy clearer vision at an incredible price starting at £2591.

Included in the price you will receive a £751 voucher for a specsfactory frame of your choice.

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From only £2591 you'll receive the very latest varifocal glasses that can cost up to £7002

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From £2591 instead of over £7002 for the latest, premium varifocal glasses, plus a £751 voucher included for a frame from our collection.


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get £751 off a pair of stunning
designer frames from our collection

Secure an incredible price and an exclusive bonus now. Are you interested in trying out the latest varifocal glasses with the best visual comfort? Would you like to save over 70% on your glasses? Then register now for a no obligation consultation and to reserve your place.

ulla 80 prozent sparen

Save up to 70%

Varifocal Studies Programme

Included in this package:
  • From £2591 instead of over £7002 for the latest premium varifocal glasses
  • Exclusive voucher: for a fashionable frame from the specsfactory Gino Vega collection
  • Freeform varifocal lenses with the following treatments: anti-glare, scratch-resistance and clean coating
  • Lenses made out of lightweight synthetic material (1.5 index, CR39)
  • Tailor-made to your needs and your lifestyle
  • Wide visual fields and the smoothest transition
  • 1-year insurance1
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee1
  • Free eye test

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