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Varifocal lenses differ in quality and price. The defining factor in determining the quality of varifocal lenses is the size of the field of vision, how smooth the transition zones are, as well as the size of abberation zones.

Keeping these optical abberations as small as possibe and positioning them in the lenses carefully without distorting the image is what makes the production process of varifocal lenses so expensive.

The large price difference between standard and comfortable varifocal lenses is based on the following points.

A price comparison based on quality and supplier

between other suppliers and specsfactory.co.uk


Visual field

up to. £6002.1
other suppliers
  • Lenses for the those who expect more
  • Free-form technology
  • Wider field of vision
  • Smooth and seamless transition
  • Quick to adapt
  • Easy to tolerate
  • Plus a £75 voucher towards a specsfactory frame (choose from over 160 styles).
specsfactory.co.uk price


instead £6002.1
Vega 2.0

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Visual field

up to £7002.2
other suppliers
  • The best possible comfort
  • Advanced freeform technology
  • Wider visual fields, high precision
  • An unnoticeable transition
  • Even easier to adapt to
  • A higher level of comfort
  • Plus a £75 voucher towards a specsfactory frame (choose from over 160 styles).
specsfactory.co.uk price

£259 1.2

up to £700 2.2
A varifocals studies programme offer

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At specsfactory.co.uk everything is included

Whether you choose varifocals, reading glasses, distance or sunglasses with prescription, you'll qualify for our all-inclusive price package:

Premium lenses and coatings

  • Lightweight synthetic lenses (CR39)
  • Premium coating: anti-glare, hard, scratch-resistant, clean coating.
  • State-of-the-art German technology for the perfect prescription and fit.

£75 voucher towards a specsfactory frame.

  • Choose from over 160 styles.
  • The latest designs and trends from Paris. a free choice of over 160 different frames
  • Premium specsfactory frames are available at an extra charge.

Consultation and Fitting

  • Eye tests are available at your nearest partner optician.
  • Over 60 prestigious partner opticians around the UK.
  • Frame consultation included.

Insurance package

  • 100% satisfaction guarantee with the right to exchange your glasses twice within 6 months
  • Glasses insurance* covering breakages, scratches or prescription changes.

How can we offer glasses at such low prices?


Our cost-saving marketing strategy

Our secret to success
The expensive, outdated distribution method
The standard way

Get your varifocals in 3 simple steps:

Reserve now

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Consultation at a local optician

If necessary, an eye test will be carried out, along with an intensive consultation by your local partner optician.

Collecting your glasses

A member of our friendly team will fit your glasses and ensure that they're as comfortable as possible before you leave the practice.