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Satisfaction Guarantee and Warranty

100% Satisfaction Guarantee 

Once you've received the glasses from your optician, our 100% satisfaction guarantee allows you to exchange your varifocal lenses twice within the first 6 months if you experience any intolerance, if they're faulty, or if they're delivered to the wrong prescription/specification.

This is how is works: 

Please go to your optician and use your right to exchange your lenses. They will then check the lenses and replace them if necessary.


You don't need to worry about damages, which take place within the first 24 months due to quality errors or faulty fabrication. Our 2-year warranty period starts from the date of delivery and insures that specsfactory will repair any damages or if necessary replace the glasses.

You'll find further information on this in our terms and conditions.

Phone: 0152 538 5236

Email: info@specsfactory.co.uk

Updated 06.05.2016