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Our optician locator search option enables you to find the nearest partner optician very easily. Our partner opticians are all eye experts who specialise in helping you find the right specs and correcting your vision. Additionally, the optician can also provide you with a professional eye examination. All of our offers are characterised by a fair price-performance ratio - incredibly low prices combined with high quality!

Our optician locator search option is a simple tool that measures the distance and finds the nearest partner optician based on a given postcode. In order to book an appointment, simply click on the button: " Sign up today. No Risk, No Obligation".

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specsfactory optician locator- an overview of all benefits
  • Over 60 partner opticians in UK
  • A simple radius search option
  • Qualified eye examination with the lastest technology
  • Anatomical and professional fitting
  • Individual and thorough consultation
  • Exclusive partner optician advantages
  • High quality lenses and frames
  • Large range of frames
  • Includes insurance
  • With 100% satisfaction guarantee included (right to exchange your glasses twice)
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specsfactory offers a quick and simple way in finding your new varifocals
You can make use of our incredible offers online at any time and any place. This is how its works:

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  • Consultation at your local optician
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    When you come in to collect your spectacles, a member of our friendly team will fit them for you and ensure that they are as comfortable and secure as possible before you leave the practice.

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Finding your nearest partner optician is really easy at

Do you also have vision problems? Then you are one of the many adults in UK who require glasses. However, it is not always easy to find a good optician. Furthermore, not all glasses are created equal. A vision corrector is only helpful if they are produced according to the individual requirments of the wearer.

For those who look for a reliable partner optician in London, Norfolk, Birmingham or in West Sussex, it can be difficult as there is a high number of opticians to select from. Therefore, it is best to have an expert in the optical field to examine your eyes. We will inform you, about what you need to bear in mind during your appointment at a partner optician.

It is all about finding the right optician

It is clear that who require specs or have incorrect vision need to pay a visit to an optician. The quantity of frames in a practice does not ensure the quality of the optician. However, how can you recognise an expert? We have listed the important quality criteria that speaks for the competency of an optician.

1. Sufficient time

The amount of time spent with a customer is one of the most important indications for a good optician. After all, you need an individual consultation to find the right glasses for your eyes, which requires time, experience and patience. Only when the professional takes time for you and your personal needs, is the search for glasses complete.

2. Detailed medical history

The consultant for eye optics should ask you about the special requirements of your everyday life. It is especially important when and for what purpose the glasses are to be worn. If the glasses are used only for sports and physical activities, they must meet other criteria than when they are used for daily work on the computer. Likewise, your profession is important for the choice of the right frame and the appropriate spectacle lenses. After all, a construction worker needs a more robust pair of glasses than an office worker.

3. In-depth advice

The spectacle lens is the most important aspect that determines the quality of vision and the visual comfort for the wearer. Furthemore, the optician must take into account individual and anatomical aspects. For instance, people who are allergic to stainless steel should only be presented with allergy-free materials. Also the frame has to be adapted /adjusted according to the face shape, so that the glasses neither slip nor pinch the nose/head.

4. Eye examination with the latest technology

A good and reliable optician uses state-of-the-art instruments to determine your personal vision and to precisely adjust the lenses. An accurate and detailed determination of your prescription is crucial for the performance and the comfort of your glasses.Only through this method will you receive total visual comfort, which supports you in your everyday life. The results of the eye test are handed back to the customer. This is extremely useful as now you have your own personal prescription ​​always ready when needed.

5. Aftercare

When the glasses are ready to be collected, a good optician will check the glasses again. Since all frames sit differently on a person's nose, the optician needs to make sure that the frames sit correctly on your face. If you do not experience discomfort or have the feeling that the glasses are slipping from the nose, then the glasses have the right fit.

6. Pricing and quality

Last but not the least, you should also take into consideration the prices. Quality does not always have to be expensive. Whether you need eyeglasses, sunglasses, workplace glasses, PC glasses or other types of glasses, we only offer exceptionally designed quality products at affordable prices at specsfactory! Find your desired model online and try it on with an optician near you!